2015 OCSMF Results

Congratulations to our State Level Winners:

High School


1ST PLACE TCHS Dress Code Animation Timber Creek HS/Cameron Stevens/Adam Ferguson, Emily Mouser


2ND PLACE How to Make an Instructional Video Ocoee HS/Derrick Charleston/Erick Moheno


2ND PLACE Hero PSV  Winter Park HS/Michele Gerber/Amanda Belawski, Abigail Marcil


3RD PLACE Beneath the Meth Moon Book Trailer Boone High School /Robin Brillante/Kyle Christenson, Zachary Jordan Morales, Maia Stanton


3RD PLACE Titan TV’s Morning News Show April 3rd Edition Olympia HS /Robert Carmody/Kyra San Agustin, Katie Sanderson, Shelley Davis, Jericko Torres‐Leshnik, Cahu Ha Phan, Eric Kurdak, Maquaeldeshon Green, Christina Kim


Middle School


1ST PLACE How to Make a Hero Sandwich Maitland MS/ Lori Farber/Chandler Farber


1ST PLACE What Should I Wear Maitland MS /Lori Farber/Raegan Landrum, Gabby Chepenik


2ND PLACE Mousetraps in Motion Maitland MS/Lori Farber/Justin Whittingham, Olivia Garrett


2ND PLACE More Than Just a Test Maitland MS/Lori Farber/Brooke Barry, Ryan Barry, Grace Douglas, Averey Douglas



2015 County Level




Durrance Elementary School:  Bendy Goes Fishing

Timber Creek High School: TCHS: Dress Code

Maitland Middle School: What Should I Wear


Boone High School: Beneath the Meth Moon

Maitland Middle School: Where the Wild Things Are


Olympia High School: Traveling Salesmen

Maitland Middle School: How To Take Care of a Rabbit


Winter Park High School: Howard Middle School

Maitland Middle School: More Than Just a Test


Maitland Middle School: Home Alone

Winter Park High School: The Tape


Ocoee High School: How to Make an Instructional Video

Maitland Middle School: How to Make a Hero Sandwich


Wyndham Lakes Elementary SchoolSuper Christmas

Ocoee Middle SchoolHotel Ceilings

Winter Park High SchoolPhotograph


Rock Springs Elementary School: Rock Springs Elementary News Show

Olympia High School: Titan TV April 3rd, 2015 Show

Glenridge Middle School: GMS Live!


Rock Springs Elementary School: News Feature:  Candeling

Ocoee High School: Technology in School

Maitland Middle School: Mousetraps in Motion


Olympia High School: West Side Tech

Maitland Middle School: Get Outdoors


Winter Park High: SchoolHero

Maitland Middle School: Don't Do Drugs





If a time limit is not specified, it remains at 7 minutes or less.


Show intros do NOT fit in any category. 


Animation: Characters created on film, video, or computer. Includes two and three-dimensional animation using clay, objects or models. MUST TELL A STORY!


Book Trailers: A video advertisement for a book which employs techniques similar to those of movie trailers.  If book covers are used, permission must be granted in writing by the copyright owner.  (Exception:  SSYRA titles)  Time limit:  60 seconds


Comedy: A humorous story. May incorporate comedic elements, such as misunderstandings, sight gags, or satire.


Documentary: Original programs that document real facts by providing a view of real events and people.


Drama:  Original programs that tell a story using emotion and feeling in a dramatic, creative, and colorful way.


Instructional Video: A program that that helps people learn something by giving instructions.


Music Video: Video pictures (still or live action) set to music. Score and/or lyrics can either be original or prerecorded. (Must abide by copyright law – no fair use)


News Feature: Any original news package that highlights a real event, i.e. interview, current event, sports update within a news show. Time limit:  2 minutes  (Show openings do not qualify.)


News Show: A school-wide informational show including various segments /packages (news features).  (Show openings do not qualify.)


PSA: A Public Service Announcement includes short messages which inform the public or changes public opinion, actions, or feelings. (60 sec. - absolute maximum)


Public Service Video: A video with a maximum length of 7 minutes that is intended to change public interest by raising familiarity of an issue, affecting public opinion, and fueling action.  An infomercial can be considered a public service video.