The Orange County Association for Educational Media (OCAEM) the professional organization for media specialists and media clerks in Orange County. OCAEM provides professional development, mentoring, networking, and fellowship for those working in our school library media centers. OCAEM’s goals include assisting our members in creating standards based library programming for all, developing information literacy skills, and promoting school library media centers as community spaces for students and staff members to Inquire, Include, Collaborate, Curate, Explore, and Engage on our campuses with essential members of our instructional teams…YOU!

Our Executive Board

The executive board is a group of media specialist volunteers, dedicating their time to the Media Specialists, students and libraries of Orange County.  Thier leadership spearheads many activities that support library media programs and beyond.  


Angela Michael

Angela received her MLS degree from Florida State University in 2005 and began working as a public librarian. After two years she realized that she was meant to be a school library media specialist. She has been privileged to work for Orange County Schools for the past 13 years, and she feels that being a school library media specialist is truly the best career. Angela loves that she has the ability to reach all students right where they are in a safe, fun and loving environment. She is honored to serve as president of this amazing professional organization. 

Recording Secretary
& President Elect
Jennifer Daniels

Jennifer is the media specialist at Durrance Elementary. 

Jennifer Daniels, is entering her 12th year as a Media Specialist, (18 years of teaching in OCPS) and just opened the new Sally Ride Elementary School. She is also the Accelerated Reader Coordinator, Spelling Bee Organizer, Battle of the Books Team Sponsor, WSRE News Show Advisor, Grant Writer, Box Tops Coordinator, and much more.  She has two children who attend Freedom High School and is a big Tampa Bay Buccaneers fan.    

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Katie Lopas
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Corresponding Secretary
Laura McCall
Brandi Gutch

Brandi Gutch is the media specialist at Killarney Elementary.  She has worked for OCPS for 24 years, and she has been a media specialist for 16 years.   Brandi enjoys working in library because it is the heart of the school.  She values being able to have an indelible impact on all students.  She has been an active member of OCAEM and has served on the FAME conference committee for 4 years.  She is also the proud parent of a Killarney Pre-K student. 


Membership: Kelly Delaney

Principals’ Breakfast: Sharon Powers

Intellectual Freedom: Sharon Powers

Distinguished Administrator Award: Lori Martin

Outstanding Library/Media Award:  Cristen Krugh

Exceptional Media Clerk Award: Rebecca Wesolowski

Scholarship Grant: Sarah McGuire

Hospitality: Susan McGuire   

Webmaster/ Historian:  Kelly Delaney

Nominating: Cristen Krugh

Publicity: Ellen Mask

OCSMF: Ginger Carter

FAME Liason: Andrea Parisi

OCPS Liason:  Claire Gatrell-Stephens

Retired Media Specialist Liason: Nancy Pelser Borowicz

Mentorship: Angela Michael

Social Media: Kelly Delaney


Join us at our monthly meetings, the first Thursday of Every Month @ 4p.m. Currently on Zoom (

 always needed.
Join us at our monthly board meetings, the first Thursday of Every Month @ 4p.m. @ ERC-5
Past Presidents of OCAEM
Thank you for your service.
1992-1993 Ginger Klega
1993-1994 Caroline More
1995-1996 Janis Byers
1996-1997 Lee Van Wormer
1997-1998 Pat Franklin
1998-1999 Elaine Apter
1999-2000 Terry Gillam
2000-2001 Nancy Pelser Borowicz
2001-2002 Nancy Holt
2002-2003 Jolene Patrick
2003-2004 Pattie Smith
2004-2005 Nancy Bardoe
2005-2006 Gail Przeclawski
2006-2007 Janice Cook
2007-2008 Beth Thompson
2008-2009 Ginger Carter
2009-2010 Joanne Pryor
2010-2011 Andrea Parisi
2011-2012 Sammie Vittoria
2012-2013 Katie Lopas
2013-2014 Susan Hannah
2014-2015 Ellen Mask
2015-2016 Evangeline Scivally
2016-2017 Shelley Ward
2017-2018 Sharon Powers
2018-2019 Rebecca Wesolowski
2019-2020 Brandi Gutch
2020-2021 Angela Michael