The Orange County Association of Educational Media (OCAEM), the professional organization for media specialists and media clerks in Orange County, is writing today with an invitation to join our organization for the 2020-2021 school year.  OCAEM provides professional development, mentoring, networking, and fellowship for those working in our school library media centers.  OCAEM’s goals include assisting our members in creating standards based library programming for all, developing information literacy skills, and promoting school library media centers as community spaces for students and staff members to Inquire, Include, Collaborate, Curate, Explore, and Engage on our campuses with essential members of our instructional teams…YOU!  

Dues are $35 for media specialist and $20 for media clerks, retirees and affiliates.  

Step 1: Complete the Membership form


Step 2:  Make your payment online via Paypal buttons below. 

Payments by check may be sent via courier to Kelly Delaney at Maitland Middle School. 




If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out via email.   Thank you so much!  I look forward to a great year working and learning with you all.

Clerk, Retiree & Affiliate $20*

Media Specialist $36*

Clerk, Retiree & Affiliate $21*

* $1 will be added to cover the Paypal transaction fee.