Orange County Student Media Festival Log
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#1 Decide what videos you want to enter.  You can enter as many videos as you want in any category. However, one video cannot be entered in multiple categories.  The only thing to consider is the $10 per video entry fee.  Your entry fee funds the trophies for 1st, 2nd and 3rd place winners, decorations and concessions to make the festival special for the students.  With the new Regional Level rule that we can send our 1st -3rd places, we also hope that you will take advantage and send your top three, at least.
NEW:  You do not have to upload Parent Permissions (Model Release).  Those should be done digitally at the school level.  If at anytime we have an issue, we will direct the parent to the school.   
#2 Scripts or storyboards are scored on the rubric.  Without a storyboard or script you will lose a significant number of points.  You must upload scripts and copyright docs with your video submission.
Click here for screenshot.  Click here for a how to video
#3 Prepare ONE copyright/citation document with music/art/videoclip/clip art permissions, emails, licenses, etc.  Be specific, so that the judge can verify.  Note:  Some photos and video clips look professional.  Please give credit to yourself if you think the judge won't think it is original. You will include this document and the storyboard when you attach to the FilmFreeway contest.  Read the rules carefully.  (i.e. No LEGO or Trademarked toys allowed without permission and no adult input, etc.) 
The Westar Music permission letter is below.  If you use Westar you need to include the letter in your Copyright Document.  Again, include permissions for student produced work to eliminate questions about content origin.  (ex. "The Happy Song", Student Smith, Garage Band or Background photo of ocean by Student Smith.)
You will upload copyright docs and storyboard/script with your video submission.
Click here for screenshot.  Click here for a how to video
#4 ENTER by March 11, 2022.  If you don't already have a Film Freeway account, you will need to create one.  When you go to upload a new to your FilmFreeway account, they will ask you a lot of questions specific to your video. Complete as much or as little as you want. 
When you attach to OCSMF contest:
you will be asked Orange County Specific questions, ( i.e. Sponsor Name, Contact Email, FAME Member Name, School Name, etc. ) Remember there must be a FAME member on your campus.
IMPORTANT:  The spelling of your video and school are important.  We may not catch your errors and your trophy and festival program will reflect what you enter.
#5 Payment should be received by April 12. Please print order form HERE to submit to your bookkeeper.  Send monies and order form to Angela Michael at Timber Lakes Elementary . PAYMENT made payable to OCAEM,  Vendor # 133483.  Please do not send to the OCAEM P.O. Box. 
You can use the school credit card and submit using the Paypal Button below.  Entry fees using Paypal will be $10.50 to cover the processing fees to use a credit card.  
The entry fees cover the cost of the festival:  trophies, concession treats, decorations, etc.
Questions? Contact


All 1st through 3rd place winners will advance to the Regional Level of the Jim Harbin Student Media Festival.


Your entry fee pays for the trophies and concessions to make this event special for your students.  Please do the math and enter $10.50 for each entry to cover the cost of using the Credit feature.  

Dates to Remember

February 1, Film Freeway opens for entries.  

March 11, All entries are due by midnight, using the Film Freeway link.

Week of March 15, Judges will receive videos.

April 12, Payments due on or before.  Made payable to OCAEM.  Send to Angela Michael, Timber Lakes Elementary or use Paypal Button above.

March 15-April 1, Judging will take place online

April 5,  Invitations for those placing 1st, 2nd, 3rd will go out.

April 21, Live Film Festival, Olympia High School Auditorium, 6p.m.

May 1, All 1st through 3rd place winners sent to Regional Chairperson (you will be contacted to attach the video to the Region 3 Contest)

June 1, All 1st through 3rd place winners of Regional sent to State for Judging (you will be contacted to attach the video to the Jim Harbin State Contest)

December 2, Winners announced at the Jim Harbin Student Media Festival, December 3, 6 p.m. @ Daytona Beach Ocean Center