Annual Principals' Breakfast

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Outstanding Media Program

Ivonne Gonzalez

Meadow Woods Elementary School

Outstanding Library Media Program Awards


I invite you to consider applying for the Outstanding Media Activity Award.  Your activity can be anything that was highly successful, so please reflect upon all of the wonderful events and ideas that you have implemented over the last year.


The entries will be evaluated by a group of your peers, utilizing a rubric.  The deadline is November 1st, so please return them as quickly as possible.   Winners will be announced at the Principals Breakfast, on the 29th.  We all look forward to sharing ideas and celebrating each other’s successes, so please give some thought to applying if you haven’t in the past.  The application is quick and painless.


Cristen Krugh

Lake Nona High School


Outstanding Administrator Award

Jared Scott

Timber Lakes Elementary 

Distinguished Administrator Award

Does your administration go above and beyond to support the media center and literacy?  Tell us how they do so by completing the following digital letter of recommendations by March 23, 2020*.  The top elementary and secondary administrators will be recognized at the Principal Breakfast in April!  



1.     Two letters of recommendation, one from yourself and another from a colleague (share the link below for your colleague to complete.)


2.        Complete the following Distinguished Admin Letter of Recommendation form:

Do not delay, start the process today, 

Please email Lori Martin with questions.


Outstanding Media Clerk Award

Outstanding Media Clerk Award

Amber Lineberry 

Orlando Gifted Academy